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Wash & Fold Laundry

Our process

We treat your laundry with the utmost care through a meticulous process:

  • Inspect - Our seasoned experts assess your clothing, identifying fabric types and determining the best solvents to use.

  • Wash - Using state-of-the-art equipment, we cleanse your clothes with eco-friendly detergents and optimal water temperatures.

  • Fold - Your garments are then neatly folded, and ready for pick-up or delivery.

Enjoy the convenience of our Wash & Fold Laundry service


If you are tired of the never-ending cycle of washing, drying and folding laundry, let us take the weight off your shoulders. Our Wash & Fold service will save you time, and provide you with fresh, neatly folded clothes without the hassle. We are here to relieve you from the mundane chores of laundry and make your live easier.

We care for your every-day laundry


  • Color separation - We prioritize your clothes' longevity by washing lights and darks separately, ensuring colors remain vibrant.

  • Eco-friendly approach - Your clothes are treated to quality green solvents, free from irritants and additives, contributing to the health of both fabric and environment.

  • Individual treatment - Your laundry is never mingled with another client's, and even your socks find their rightful pairs, avoiding the classic disappearing act.

  • Garment neatness - Your attires are neatly folded, giving your wardrobe a pristine makeover.

Seamless wash & fold laundry solution

Drop off your laundry at our Lexington or Weston locations, or schedule a pickup at your home.  We take care of the rest so you can reclaim precious time for yourself or your family.

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