$10 OFF Your First Pickup & Delivery order

$10 OFF Your First Pickup & Delivery order

Meet Our Team

How a problem solver and luxury goods marketer are redefining personal

Owners Vasiliki and Prokopis are familiar to team members and clients as Vaso and Pro. Vasiliki in Greek means royal and Prokopis means to progress or advance. Fitting for a woman with an MBA and corporate backstory that includes high-end brands like Tiffany & Co. and her counterpart with his background in survey engineering and entrepreneurship.

Of Pro’s proclivity for transforming ideas into value, Vaso says, “Prokopi loves to solve a problem and stays on a problem garment until it is perfect or no more can be done.” Personal Cleaners & Tailors has been built on that virtue. Referrals sound like this: if you want something precious taken care of … if you want something done that no one else has been able to do, choose Personal Cleaners & Tailors.

Vaso and Pro love spending time together, reading, traveling when there is time and taking long drives, enjoying family and friends, and swimming in the summer in their homeland Greece when possible. Prokopi loves to cook, Vaso says, and I love to organize.

The professional duo introduced wet cleaning and handwashing. They have completely redesigned the way Personal Cleaners & Tailors does drycleaning, introducing the newest and best German spotting solvents in the industry. Like Cartier or Bulgari or other elite and respected brands, they’re deeply invested in modernizing lines and expanding on old concepts to increase value and quality.

Vaso and Pro have a daughter studying biology at Northeastern University. They prioritize making life easier for clients, even now venturing into the wash, dry and fold business to serve them. We love engaging with our clients on every level, they say. They’re smart, educated, down to earth and sophisticated. We work very hard to earn their trust while bringing laughter and enjoyment to our client relationships.

From masterful linen cleaning and pressing on a weekly basis to personalized delivery and pickup or concierge services for condo associations, Vaso and Pro are creating a bright and intelligent spectrum of services. We want to be known for being attentive, they say. You would find it hard to say no to BMW or Burberry, yes? We want you to experience such exceptional service, quality and attention to detail, you wouldn’t think of taking your drycleaning, laundry and tailoring services elsewhere.


Owner and Director of Operation


Owner and Director of Operation