$10 OFF Your First Pickup & Delivery order

$10 OFF Your First Pickup & Delivery order

Delicate Garments & Sweaters

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​Delicate Garments

We will use the old lost art of hand washing to protect very delicate garments and we will air dry for maximum protection.  A final hand pressing will leave your piece beautiful and fresh looking.

Which Fabrics are Delicates?

Delicate fabrics are made up of fragile fabrics and need specialized care and attention. These fabrics include silk, wool, linen, satin, chiffon, and lace. Very thin cotton clothes is also sometimes classed as “delicate”. Delicate fabrics can shrink or fray if not washed and dried with care. Delicates tend to be sensitive to heat, excessive spinning, and harsh detergents.

Sweaters Special Care

Sweaters deserve special care and we ensure that they look like new when they leave our shop.  We block your sweaters to size, de-pill them by hand using special combs and tools, and de-lint them. We then fold them into a reusable sweater bag to protect them from moths.

Folded clean sweaters
Hand Washing clothes

Fine Hand Washing

Experience the old lost art of hand washing to protect your delicate garments. We air dry them for superior care, and a final hand pressing ensures a beautiful, fresh appearance.

Wet Cleaning

Discover the art of wet cleaning – a modern take on the traditional hand-washing technique for your precious clothes.

This highly advanced and safe process uses a precise amount of water and specialized detergent, known as liquer, to gently cleanse your garments. With the addition of innovative drying techniques, wet cleaning effectively prevents shrinkage.

Best of all, wet cleaning is eco-friendly and non-toxic. Our state-of-the-art washing machines are computer-controlled and utilize biodegradable soaps and conditioners. Your clothes and the environment will thank you.

Wet Cleaning Boston

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